Defined Developments / Creating a New Brand In a Saturated Market

Entering the congested market of development presents a challenge, even with staff whose decades of prior experience have seen them work on individual developments worth in excess of $1 billion.

With the foreknowledge they’d be dealing with both national and international clients on high-end developments, we fashioned a brand that, while culturally neutral, portrays the style of work Defined Developments are engaging in.

This job involved:
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Defined Developments Branding

Defined Developments Branding

Website Design & Photography

For this job, our staff shot background photos, designed and coded the website!

Website Design

Website Design - Profile Pages

Website Design and Photography

We designed the website AND shot the background photos.

An abstract "D"

A single page from a promotional booklet.

Double Page Spread

"Team" spread from a promotional book.

Double Page Spread

"Projects" double page spread in Promotional Book

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