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With high quality muffins, cakes & biscuits available throughout NSW supermarkets including IGA, Sunfield approached us for a complete rebranding and repackaging to propel the business into a new phase of growth.

We’ve just completed the rebranding stage of this project (with new packaging designs soon to come).

Our brief was to freshen up Sunfield, to create a much stronger, more recognisable identity, and to develop something that would be able to be applied to a range of packaging styles, shapes and sizes (including boxes, wraps and containers).

We achieved this by using a strong black oval to encapsulate the brand name, complimented by a vivid yellow – an instantly recognisable combination.

“Sunfield” appears in thin, rounded type – countering the harshness of the black and a wheat illustration grows out from behind the ‘S’, breathing additional life while also making a connection to the fundamental ingredient in all Sunfield products – wheat flour.

This job involved:
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Sunfield Bakery Branding - Stationery

Sunfield Bakery Branding - Stationery

Wheat Pattern

Wheat Pattern

Sunfield Bakery Branding - Stationery - Letterhead

Branding - Stationery - Letterhead

Branding - Stationery - With Comps Slip

Branding - Stationery - With Comps Slip

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