Shore / Highlighting a Luxurious Locale

Situated in Sydney’s quiet coastal suburb of Doll Point, Shore is a development of luxury apartments priced in the six and seven-figure range.

Toast have a successful history of branding luxury apartment developments and we were sought out for this project by our client who was familiar with some of our previous work.

We visited the site of Shore, getting a feel for the lifestyle and location of the apartments, collecting items that may inspire a concept for the identity.

The result is a representation of the meeting of sea and land and a unique, custom-mixed pantone brown, inspired by the apartment interiors.

After branding the development, our primary objective was to promote the beautiful surrounds of the apartments and showcase the lifestyle the beachside setting facilitates. We organised a lifestyle shoot. Following that, a plethora of printed collateral and a website were created in addition to our “hero” piece – an opulent, large format book given to prospective purchasers.

During the process of branding the Shore apartments, we rebranded the developer themselves – Prestige Apartments Australia, and created a portfolio website to showcase a small selection of past work.

This job involved:
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Branding - Luxury Apartments

Branding for Shore - Luxury Apartments

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Publication Design with Spot Varnish

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Internal Spread of Book

One of the fold-out spreads of our book design for the Shore Luxury Apartments.

Book Design - internal spread.

An internal spread from the Shore book.

Sunrise at Dolls Point

The opening spread of the Shore book - sunrise in Dolls Point.

Book Design - Back Cover

Back Cover Design - Luxury Apartments Book

Luxury Apartment Developer Logo

Luxury Apartment Developer Logo

Prestige Apartments Website Design

Prestige Apartments Website Design

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